All kinds of glasses are new on the website

Now we are in the peak season of the glasses industry. Recently, our designers have designed many different types of eyewear.There are lamination eyewear , combination eyeglass frames ,various metal optical frames ,different styles of rimless metal sunglasses ,acetate eyewear with various styles.There are also new products developed by us in cooperation with other brother manufacturers: wood eyewear. Acetate sunglasses: Acetate optical: Metal optical: Metal sunglasses in different shapes: Traditional Chinese woodworking techniques are combined with wooden glasses: These designs or products have been uploaded to our website, you are welcome to browse and view

How to Make Wood Glasses

How to make wooden glasses ? Before clarifying this problem, let's first understand what wood glasses are. Wooden glasses are glasses made of wood as raw materials and processed through production. Just like horn glasses, this kind of glasses made of pure natural materials has a different style from our common acetate glasses or metal glasses, showing different textures, and is also loved by many people. Since the material is natural, each pair of glasses has a different texture. It can be said that each pair of wood glasses is unique. You will not find two pairs of wooden glasses with exactly the same texture in this world. Now, let's take a look at how wood glasses (including wood sunglasses and wood optical glasses) are made. The raw materials of wooden glasses are mainly beech, red sandalwood, white wood and imported mahogany, etc. The colors are also very different, and the characteristics of each wood are also different. For example, the characteristics of red sandalwoo

Several methods to identify pure titanium frame

If you follow our post, you'll see that we post titanium eyewear products from time to time. After titanium was used as the material of eyeglasses frame, pure titanium eyewear, beta titanium eyeglasses and titanium alloy glasses appeared in eyewear industry. We have cooperated with titanium eyewear customers from the United States, Germany. But there are many eyewear manufacturers often add aluminum, vanadium, molybdenum and other metal elements into titanium to form titanium alloy. They use titanium alloys to confuse the real with the false, and use consumers' blind spot on eyewear to sell them as pure titanium eyeglasses for profit.  Do you know how to identify pure tianium glasses.Here, we introduce several methods to identify whether pure titanium eyewear method, hope to help you. 1、Observe the welding points of the nose pad stem and nose pad box The welding of pure titanium material is oxygen-free butt welding, and the welding mark is "step"; the welding of all

Do you know how titanium eyeglasses are made?

Titanium eyeglasses are divided into pure titanium eyeglasses and Beta titanium eyeglasses . Pure titanium glasses are more and more popular among consumers. With its advantages of light weight, corrosion resistance, allergy resistance, fatigue resistance and high strength, they are the first choice for fashion consumption by more and more college students, white-collar workers and elites. Do you know how titanium eyeglasses are made?Let me tell you something 1. Design the style, according to the customer's brand, logo, and requirements, design the style that the customer wants. 2. make the CAD drawing 3. making the sample 4. enter the stage of mass production of customer orders 5. Make the mould, 6. Set up the soldering datas,Rimlock soldering  7. Rimwire laser soldering    8. Bridge soldering  9. Endpiece soldering 10. Pad arms soldering 11.Polishing 12. Vacuum plating     13. Automatic cleaning to purify the surface     14. AI robot color spraying    15. Lens cutting     16. Ad

Why do we need bioplastics?

In addition to making common metal eyewear , acetate eyewear, titanium eyewear, aluminum eyewear and combination eyewear , some of our old customers also take the initiative to inquire about the production situation of recyclable or bioplastic eyewear. Why do we need bioplastics? White pollution arises at the historic moment. From a global perspective, it is self-evident that the white pollution caused by plastic waste does harm to the earth. Wherever there is human activity, there will be traces of white pollution. Only 1.2% of the world's 65 years of plastic production is recycled, with most of the rest buried under human feet, awaiting 600 years of degradation. Therefore, in recent years, human beings have gradually developed biodegradable materials and found that biodegradable materials are a good substitute for traditional plastic products and a high-quality solution to white pollution. It is widely used in packaging, textile industry, agricultural mulch film and biomedical p

Unique Buffalo Horn Wood Glasses

Leibniz, German philosopher, said: no two leaves are exactly the same. The same can be said for horn glasses because of the unique pattern of their horns. Before this, I have introduced a lot of knowledge about Horn Glasses. Today, I would like to introduce a pair of Buffalo Horn Wood Glasses HXN09037. The wood has poor flexibility. Before production, the wood needs to be soaked in a special potion to soften it, so that it can be fitted and produced with the horn frame during production. It is made of wood and horn joined together with glue. The unique texture of wood and natural horn combine to make this pair of glasses more double natural and natural feeling! Due to the flexibility of wood and horn, this pair of glasses is a great test of the production experience and technical ability of the eyewear manufacturer . 

What kind of person is the most handsome?

I haven't come to the blog to update the information of our eyewear manufacturer a week. Recently, I have been traveling between the factory and the designer with the progress of the production of eyewear orders and the new designs required by customer. Every day there is a moment to turn on the computer, but not once a blog page. Since I'm here today, I'd like to share with you how I felt last week. Last week the customer planned to start a new eyewear collection, which is a happy and important thing for both the client and us. Customer need special eyewear design to open the market, and there are special design requirements, which is a good thing for designers, because the goals and needs are clear. But at the same time, it is also a very challenging thing. It is also because it is clear and specific. It is necessary to catch the market's attention within a clear and specific range. In addition, the time given by the customer is only 2-3 days. These are really a tes

Retro cat-eye style acetate optical sample

As a Chinese eyewear manufacturer , no matter new or old customers, it is a common thing for us to make the samples for customers. In this case, we will design and make the samples according to the customer's brand information. In addition to these, we sometimes make some general glasses samples and send them to some new client to see our quality. This is a common universal acetate optical frame. This is a retro cat-eye style acetate optical,The front frame adopts lamination process,the acetates of 3 colors are intertwined and fused together,Rich colors visible to the naked eye.